Zoë Patchell

Board Chair, President   


Zoë Patchell is an inspired grassroots activist and leader in the cannabis reform movement in Delaware.  In 2010, she joined NORML’s Women’s Alliance and began a budding network of support at local Philly NORML events. Zoë has participated in the movement nationwide in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, D.C., Massachusetts, Maine, Colorado, and California, and has attended trainings with Students for Sensible Drug Policy, Northeastern Institute of Cannabis, Americans for Safe Access, Marijuana Policy Project and the Silver Tour. Throughout her tenure as a voice for cannabis reform, Zoë has lobbied state and federal officials in both Dover, Delaware and Washington, D.C. to end cannabis prohibition both locally and nationally. In 2013, she took an opportunity to serve as co-founding board member and communications director for Delaware NORML. Later that same year, Zoë founded the grassroots citizen advocacy group – Cannabis Bureau of Delaware (CBD). In 2016, she helped found the Delaware Cannabis Advocacy Network (Delaware CAN), a non-profit organization with a mission to legalize cannabis in the First State. Patchell currently serves as President of Delaware CAN, is a registered lobbyist, and is employed as a paralegal in Delaware. 


Tom Donovan

Director, Development Committee Chair 


Tom Donovan has 15 years’ experience as a Delaware criminal defense attorney and is passionate about reforming cannabis laws. Through the lens of a high-volume trial practice, Donovan has seen the ongoing decay of constitutionally protected rights in an era of cannabis prohibition: “Contrary to legislative intent, the current ‘decriminalization of marijuana’ law is too vague and fails to protect Delawareans from arbitrary arrests under color of law. I support legalization of cannabis, and its manufacture and sale, within a safe and regulated market as a solution to end unlawful police practices and to carry out consistent and responsible public policy.”

In 2014, Donovan began lobbying with Cannabis Bureau of Delaware and, in solidarity with the movement, represented over 70 individuals charged with simple possession of marijuana, pro bono. Tom graduated from the University of Delaware in 1997, and Widener University School of Law in 2000. Today, Donovan represents indigent clients charged with serious crimes and advocates for criminal justice reform from his office in Dover, Delaware. Tom currently sits on the Board of Directors for the Delaware Cannabis Advocacy Network and heads its Development team.


Adam Windett

Director, Treasurer, Finance Committee Chair 


Adam Windett is an attorney, owner, and managing partner of Hopkins & Windett in Dover, focusing his practice on criminal defense.  A Delaware native, Adam graduated from Caesar Rodney High School in 2000, the University of Delaware in 2004, and Widener University School of Law in 2007.  He is a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the NORML Legal Committee.  In 2015, Adam was named a Top 10 Under 40 Criminal Defense Attorney by the National Academy of Criminal Defense Attorneys.  In 2016, he successfully litigated a case on behalf of a medical cannabis cardholder resulting in a decision by the Delaware Superior Court that the cardholder was permitted to use medical cannabis while on probation and that his probation could not be violated for use of medical cannabis.  Adam began working with the Cannabis Bureau of Delaware in 2016 and assisted in the founding of Delaware Cannabis Advocacy Network.  He now serves as Delaware CAN’s Treasurer and sits on the Board of Directors.


John Sybert

Vice President, Programs and Operations Committee Chair, Publicity Committee


John Sybert is a community activist, journalist and musician from Sussex County, Delaware. He graduated from University of Delaware in 1991 with a degree in Sociology. John has been an activist for cannabis legalization for the past 30 years. He has organized benefit events and concerts since his teen years, with his magazine and production company, “Insider Presents.” He worked in Washington DC with the protest group, Positive Force DC and Rock Against Racism. He worked closely with Amnesty International’s Howard County chapter, to bring awareness and action to teens in Columbia, Maryland. John also worked with the Howard County Youth Resource Center. Currently he is the Co-Chair of the Cannabis Bureau of Delaware and Chair of the Programs and Operations Committee for the Delaware Cannabis Advocate Network.


Maggie McDonald

Secretary, Publicity Committee Chair


Maggie McDonald is a Delaware-born biochemist who currently lives in Newark, DE and is been interested in pain and therapies that alleviate both inflammatory and neuropathic pain. She earned her PhD from University of Delaware in 2011 and works as a project manager at PENN for a lab that develops novel therapies for rare diseases. Her work with Delaware Cannabis Advocacy Network began with involvement in the grass-roots arm, Cannabis Bureau of Delaware, where she served as Secretary and citizen activist since early 2016. Her interests lie in the connection between cannabis and cessation of opiate abuse and how the many active molecules in the cannabis plant interact with the endo-cannabinoid system. When Delaware CAN formed in early December 2016, Maggie became the Chair of the Publicity Committee with a goal of increasing visibility on the status of taxation and regulation of cannabis in Delaware and advertising opportunities for our citizen activists and members on our upcoming events and citizen lobbying activities.


Laura Sharer

Programs and Operations Committee Vice Chair  


Laura Sharer, a medical marijuana cardholder, resides in Wilmington with her husband and two children. Since 2014, Laura has lobbied with Cannabis Bureau of Delaware to help end cannabis prohibition in the First State. Sharer discovered the benefits of medical cannabis after traditional pharmaceuticals failed to manage her nausea and pain and caused her debilitating side effects. Laura’s passion to create safe and legal access to cannabis for herself, and all adults 21 and over, is a personal one; in 2016, Laura’s father, Jay, passed away while waiting to obtain legal cannabis here in Delaware. A mother actively involved in the schools and in her community, Laura earned her degree in Early Education from Delaware Tech. She believes cannabis saved her life and can help save the lives of many others who continue to wait for legal access to a safer alternative. Laura currently serves as Vice Chair of Programs and operations Committee for Delaware Cannabis Advocacy Network.