To build and support a network of business owners, professionals and grassroots activists advocating to legalize cannabis in the First State. 

Our communities have paid high and unjustified a price for the prohibition of a plant safer than both alcohol and cigarettes.  Our Veterans are looking to a safer solution than addictive pharmaceutical drugs.  Our policies remain the product of fear and misconception with no basis in science, liberty, or fundamental fairness   It’s time for a change.

We support the end of prohibition of cannabis for adults over 21 years old and the legislative formation of a taxed and regulated market for cannabis in the State of Delaware.  

We sponsor organizations such as the Cannabis Bureau of Delaware, a grassroots citizens advocacy group dedicated to advancing education, research, and science-based policy for cannabis and cannabinoids on a local, state, and federal level. We advocate to protect human rights, patients’ rights, and this renewable, all-natural resource for medicinal, recreational, and industrial purposes. 

We encourage all citizens to educate themselves on the issues related to cannabis prohibition and the social and economic benefits of sensible policy reform and get involved with citizens’ advocacy groups and other organizations that support the responsible use of cannabis by adults. 

Delaware Cannabis Advocacy Network (Delaware CAN) is a non-profit organization and all contributions to Delaware CAN will be utilized to support individuals, organizations, and activities consistent with our mission.