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With no referendums or voter initiatives in Delaware, the only way to legalize cannabis is to contact your local officials, let them know that you are one of the 61% of Delawareans who support ending prohibition, and call on them to vote “yes” on legalization in 2021 .  

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Limited Edition Legalize 2021 shirts available until March 21.  All proceeds of sales will support our all-volunteer staff’s efforts to legalize cannabis in Delaware in 2021.


 Why Delaware Should Legalize Cannabis

Protects over 145,000 adult cannabis consumers in Delaware from arrest, civil citation, seizure of property and currency, and the threat of being subjected to the criminal justice system.

Saves the State and taxpayers millions of dollars annually in law enforcement and criminal justice costs by ending unnecessary stops, arrests and prosecutions of otherwise law-abiding citizens.

Ends civil asset forfeiture for the possession of cannabis.

Eliminates the mere possession of cannabis as a law enforcement tool for “probable cause” searches based on the odor of raw cannabis, a justification currently being used by officers to circumvent Fourth Amendment protections against unreasonable search and seizure.

Reduces strain on the criminal justice system and prison system, especially with Courts’ backlogged caseloads due to the pandemic shutdowns.

Replaces the existing illicit market with a safe, legal industry that employs consumer safety protections and robust measures to prevent sales to minors.

Helps reduce crime associated with the illicit market and violent turf battles.

Helps law enforcement focus on real public safety and crimes that have actual victims.

Restores community relations and trust in law enforcement.

Generates millions in revenue that can be allocated to fund schools and education, infrastructure, clean water, re-entry programs, and other valuable government services.

Creates thousands of cannabis industry jobs and supports economic growth and employment in secondary sectors that support cannabis businesses, such as construction, electrical, HVAS, accounting, legal, manufacturing, security, tech, agricultural, real estate, and tourism.

Keeps Delaware economically competitive with New Jersey, D.C., and other states in the region that have already or will soon legalize cannabis.


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States with Legal Cannabis:

18 + DC

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Check out our Information Library to learn more about cannabis legalization and for resources to help you take action to legalize cannabis in 2021. 

Advocate resources and publications on cannabis legalization in Delaware

Statistics and studies from the ACLU, government agencies, and researchers

Videos of past Delaware CAN presentations

Our legislative guide, including each legislators’ cannabis voting history and answers to our biannual candidate survey

A directory of email addresses and phone numbers for all Delaware legislators


Delaware’s Legislative Session Ends July 1


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Our staff is all volunteer, but we need the resources to stand up to the well-funded opposition lobbying against cannabis legalization in Delaware.  

Your contribution to Delaware CAN helps fund public education and Town Hall events, outreach and advocacy programs, and all of our efforts to legalize cannabis for the citizens of Delaware. 


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Delaware CAN is a grassroots organization with an all-volunteer staff.  Dedicated advocates have fueled the movement in the First State and positioned Delaware to legalize cannabis in 2021.  But our work is not finished and we need supporters from across the state to take action in their communities to ensure that our legislators follow the will of the people and pass legislation to legalize cannabis for all adults. 

To learn what you can do in your community to help legalize cannabis, contact our volunteer coordinator at 


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