Together, Delaware CAN Legalize Cannabis in 2021

 Vote for Candidates who Support Cannabis Legalization and Cannabis Policy Reform

With no referendums or voter initiatives in Delaware, the only way to vote for cannabis legalization is to vote for candidates who support cannabis legalization.  We survey candidates, compile voting records, and collect data and information on candidates to compile primary and general election voting guides to inform voters before they head to the polls.  

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Vote for candidates who support cannabis legalization.



Find Your Legislative Districts at

Use the “Who is My Legislator” tool to find your State Senate and House of Representatives districts by inputting our address.

To learn about your legislators’ cannabis voting history and positions on legalization visit our voter guide website at votecannabisde.orgor view current legislators profiles on our Publication and Resources page.

To learn more about candidates in the upcoming September 15 primary election and November 3 general election, visit  Our 2020 Primary Election Cannabis Voter Guide was published on August 30 and our general election voter guide will be published in late-September.   


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Contact Your Legislators and Ask Them to Support Cannabis Legalization

With a new legislative session beginning in January 2021, cannabis legalization will be back on the agenda.  It’s important that citizens begin to contact their legislators prior to the start of session and keep the pressure on until a bill is passed.  We’ll update the legislator contact information on our site after the election on November 3.    

Make a call, send an email, or deliver a letter to your elected officials asking them to vote “Yes” on HB 110 to legalize cannabis in Delaware and create a safe market for cannabis.  Let them know – “I am one of the 61% of Delaware residents who support cannabis legalization for all adults this legislative session.”

If your elected officials support cannabis legalization, thank them for their support.  If they are on the fence, or opposed, start and maintain a dialogue.  Be persistently polite, and keep the pressure on.

Help us fight the well-funded opposition to cannabis legalization

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Our staff is all volunteer, but we need the resources to stand up to the well-funded opposition lobbying against cannabis legalization in Delaware.  

Your contribution to Delaware CAN helps fund public education and Town Hall events, outreach and advocacy programs, and all of our efforts to legalize cannabis for the citizens of Delaware. 


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Delaware CAN is a grassroots organization with an all-volunteer staff.  Dedicated advocates have fueled the movement in the First State and positioned Delaware to legalize cannabis in 2021.  But our work is not finished and we need supporters from across the state to take action in their communities to ensure that our legislators follow the will of the people and pass legislation to legalize cannabis for all adults. 

To learn what you can do in your community to help legalize cannabis, contact our volunteer coordinator at 


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