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Bumper Stickers

Donate $4.20 to support cannabis legalization in Delaware; we’ll send you a Grow Delaware or Yes on HB 110 vinyl bumper sticker.


  3″ x 6″ Grow Delaware Bumper Sticker


  3″ x 6″ Yes on HB 110 Bumper Sticker



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Your $25 membership helps fund our operations and programs aimed at legalizing cannabis in Delaware in 2018 and advancing common-sense cannabis policy reform in Delaware and nationwide.


Become a member today and we’ll send you two large 3″ x 6″  bumper stickers.



Donate to support cannabis legalization. 

Our staff is all volunteer, but we need the resources to stand up to the well-funded opposition lobbying against cannabis legalization in Delaware.  

Your contribution to Delaware CAN helps fund public education and Town Hall events, outreach and advocacy programs, and all of our efforts to legalize cannabis for the citizens of Delaware.